We have transformed the lives of thousands of patients with body contouring in Paradise Valley. We pride ourselves on taking a personalized approach with our plastic surgery patients: we listen to your needs and make you feel heard, validated, and understood. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stutman will find the best body contouring treatment to meet your unique needs.

Our clinic specializes in various plastic surgery procedures, including tummy tuck, liposuction, and mommy makeover. To discover our full suite of procedures, give us a call today!

Benefits of Surgical Body Contouring

Surgical body contouring at our clinic offers many benefits for our patients. Our treatments can help you:

  • Look and feel your best
  • Fall in love with your body again
  • Restore your youthful body and spirit
  • Enjoy your social and romantic lives more fully
  • Achieve long-lasting results that you can enjoy for decades

We offer treatments for women and men of varying ages, and targeting multiple areas of the body. For more information about our surgical body treatments in Paradise Valley, speak with a team member by calling today.

What Body Contouring Treatments Are Offered at Our Clinic?

Our office is dedicated to sculpting your ideal silhouette. You can enhance your natural beauty with a thigh lift, arm lift, or Brazilian butt lift. In addition to these, we also offer:

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is ideal for our male and female patients who have undergone dramatic weight loss with sagging, drooping skin left behind. This procedure can expertly and precisely remove sagging, excess skin overlying the abdominal region. The tummy tuck can help you achieve a flatter, tighter, slimmer stomach.


Liposuction is the ultimate treatment for permanently removing stubborn, excess, and unwanted fat throughout the body. Dr. Stutman can perform liposuction on your entire body, including your stomach, back, legs, and arms, as per your needs. For more information about liposuction, connect with our elite medical team.

Mommy Makeover

This treatment is ideal for mothers who wish to restore their pre-pregnancy figure. The mommy makeover combines procedures designed to help you address multiple issues for a comprehensive transformation. With the mommy makeover, you can choose whether to treat your face, breasts, stomach, arms, legs, glutes, or all of these simultaneously.

Should I Combine My Treatments?

If you are considering obtaining multiple Paradise Valley body contouring surgical procedures at our clinic, combining them could be more cost-effective. This drastically reduces your downtime and recovery time. If this is an option you are considering or would like to explore, let us know during your initial consultation.

Body Contouring Surgery for Our Male Patients

With body contouring surgery in Paradise Valley, we can give you the trim, attractive, and masculine body you desire. Our plastic surgeon can perform outstanding body contouring services tailored specifically for our male clients. We understand our male patients’ distinct anatomical differences and preferences, and we make it a point to enhance and maximize your masculinity.

Revitalize Your Body With Body Contouring in Paradise Valley Today

Our Paradise Valley body contouring surgeries can help you tighten, tone, trim, and transform your physique. With our treatments, you can experience a boost in self-confidence that enhances multiple areas of your life. For more information about body contouring or our other surgical and non-invasive options, call Stutman Plastic Surgery today.