Many people eat a well-balanced diet, follow a strict exercise regimen, and still struggle to shed stubborn, excess body fat. This is where a professional, surgical body contouring treatment administered by Dr. Stutman could help.

Our clinic offers body contouring in Scottsdale, including liposuction, tummy tucks, and more. These plastic surgery treatments help to reduce and remove stubborn bulges of fat to beautifully trim, tone, and define your problem areas, including the abdomen/stomach/belly, legs, arms and underarms, chin, love handles, butt, and back. If you have any questions about how body contouring could help you achieve your cosmetic goals, our team can help you prepare for a procedure and understand what to expect.

What Are Some Common Body Contouring Procedures?

There are a few body sculpting procedures that Scottsdale patients typically pursue, such as tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) and liposuction. A tummy tuck helps tone the abdomen and remove excess skin, fat, and stretch marks. While liposuction can assist with combatting stubborn pockets of body fat.

Tummy Tuck

Many of our clients come to us complaining about their abdominal region, midsection, or stomach. This is one of the most common problem areas. Unwanted and persistent weight gain can accumulate in the abdominal region due to genetics, diet, age, and health conditions. The tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, can help you achieve a flatter, tighter, and more defined abdomen. This procedure is a favorite for patients who want to improve the appearance of their abdominal area after drastic weight loss, pregnancies, and/or skin aging.


Liposuction is one of the most advanced surgical contouring procedures designed to eradicate unwanted and excess fat precisely and expertly throughout the body. Not only does liposuction help remove fat – it can help to tighten sagging skin, contour your curves, rejuvenate your body, and restore youthfulness. Dr. Stutman could perform liposuction on your stomach, back, legs, neck, and arms.

Preparing for Your Body Contouring Procedure

During your initial consultation for your body sculpting procedure, Dr. Stutman will review your medical history with you to ensure that you are an ideal candidate. He will then review your chosen procedure with you, ensuring that you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for it. Finally, our expert medical team will provide you with a list of personalized instructions to follow before and after your body contouring treatment. Our team will work with you to design the best surgical strategy for your needs.

How Long Do Body Contouring Treatments Take?

The duration of your body contouring surgery depends on how many treatment areas you opt for. In most cases, if you are deciding to treat multiple areas, we highly recommend that you combine your surgeries so that you can reduce your overall downtime. Dr. Stutman could provide a more accurate outline of how long a particular body contouring treatment might take when you come to our Scottsdale office for a consultation.

Call Us Today About Body Contouring in Scottsdale

If you have been struggling with stubborn body fat that does not respond to diet and exercise, body contouring in Scottsdale could be the surgical procedure that you need to achieve your cosmetic goals.

When you come in for a body sculpting procedure, you can be sure that your surgical experience will be pleasant, with your comfort, safety, and wellness at the forefront. Contact us today to learn more about your treatment options.

See What Patients Have to Say

Read some of our testimonials from our valued patients to learn more about the innovative and high-quality plastic surgery procedures we offer.

-Angelic G

“During my procedure, everyone made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Dr. Stutman was great and I am super happy with my results! He called me the evening of my procedure to check on me and the nurses followed up with me during my first week post op. I highly recommend!”

-Crystal D. (Google)

“Dr. Stutman and his team have been AMAZING!! I am only a week post procedure and already I am seeing huge results! The procedure was quick and painless. Dr. Stutman and his team made me comfortable from the moment I arrived in office. I would recommend this team to anyone thinking of having a little work done.”

-Devin R. (google)

“The staff and Dr. Stutman were extremely welcoming, professional, and knowledgeable. 10/10 recommend”

-Ed S. (google)

“Had gynecomastia surgery with Dr Stutman, did an amazing job and was happy with the results. Would recommend!”

-Gabriel R. (google)

“The staff is great. Dr. Stutman was super professional. Communication is very important to me and the staff did not let that fall short. The results of the surgery was amazing!”

-James F. (google)

“Awesome service and loved my gyno procedure done by Dr. Stutman (forgive me if I got the spelling wrong). Staff is very friendly. Recovered from my procedure very quickly and I do love my results already. Looking forward to the 6-month checkup”