Our team of experienced plastic surgeons can masterfully alter your silhouette with the leading breast surgery techniques. Breast surgery can be completely life-changing, helping you increase your confidence and come to love your body and your life.

We offer a full suite of breast surgeries, including augmentation, lift, augmentation with lift, natural augmentation with fat grafting, reconstruction, reduction, and revision/corrective procedures. Contact our clinic today to discover how breast surgery in Paradise Valley could help you achieve your dream look.

Types of Breast Surgery Available

Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of breast surgery options tailored to meet your individual needs and aesthetic goals.

Breast Augmentation/Enhancement

Breast augmentation can help you volumize and enlarge your breasts by inserting an FDA-approved saline or silicone implant. With our breast augmentation procedure, you can obtain impressive volume, size, and cleavage. Whether you choose to go subtle or dramatic, our talented plastic surgeons can help.

Breast Lift

A breast lift may be right for you if you want to enhance your breasts without implants. The breast lift can transform drooping and sagging breasts by contouring them and removing excess skin and tissue. This results in the more natural and youthful-looking breasts you desire.

Breast Augmentation With Lift

Breast augmentation with lift combination surgery combines the best aspects of the breast augmentation and the breast lift in one convenient procedure to help you achieve a full-body transformation. This popular breast surgery in Paradise Valley can enhance every aspect of your breasts, including:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Fullness
  • Firmness
  • Symmetry
  • Proportion

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction has helped countless patients feel at ease in their bodies following illness or incident. We proudly serve our Paradise Valley patients looking for cosmetic breast reconstruction or who wish to opt for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Connect with our clinic today to learn more about our breast reconstruction procedures.

Breast Reduction

For superior breast reduction, our qualified Paradise Valley aesthetic breast surgeons can deliver. We offer expert breast reduction for our female and male patients experiencing excessively weighty, heavy breasts that cause physical and emotional discomfort.

Many of our male patients experience gynecomastia—a medical condition that results in excess breast tissue in men. A breast reduction treatment can give you smaller, more proportionate breasts that fit your frame while dramatically improving your physical and emotional health.

Breast Revision

If you are feeling discomfort with your breast implants, you may want to consider a breast revision. This procedure is designed to remove, replace, or correct the position of an existing breast implant. We recommend this breast surgery for individuals in Paradise Valley who either wish to remove their breast implants or replace, enhance, or adjust them.

Discover Your Perfect Breasts With Breast Surgery in Paradise Valley

If you are considering breast surgery in Paradise Valley, you have come to the right place. We are proud to a top plastic surgeon in the area on our team, and we would be happy to share our medical expertise with you. We have a long list of satisfied clients in Paradise Valley and beyond—you could be next!

Book a free consultation with us today. We will listen to your concerns, and together, we will devise a personalized strategy to give you the silhouette of your dreams. Connect with our clinic to schedule your initial appointment.