Earlobe surgery allows our patients to feel comfortable and to feel normal in their facial appearance, by normalizing the look of their earlobes. Many of our patients experience ripped or damaged earlobes, which can make them feel self-conscious in social or professional settings.

Your earlobes can be damaged or misshapen from birth, accidents, or due to earring damage. No matter the cause of your damaged earlobes, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Stutman can work to repair them.

What Is Earlobe Surgery?

Earlobe surgery, medically known as loboplasty, is designed to fix the appearance of ripped or damaged earlobes to make the ears appear cosmetically attractive.

Earlobe surgery may be right for you when you have:

  • Earlobes that stick out
  • Torn, lacerated, or split earlobes
  • Stretched your earlobes with jewelry
  • Large holes in your ears due to gauge jewelry
  • Severely asymmetrical earlobes due to genetics or trauma
  • Overly long earlobes due to aging or being stretched out from wearing heavy earrings and studs
  • Irregularly shaped earlobes due to congenital cleft earlobe deformity (“Coloboma lobuli”)
  • Employment that does not allow for “gauge” ear piercings.

Earlobe surgery is not the same as ear pinning. Ear pinning, which Dr. Stutman also offers, aims to pin back ears that protrude too far from the head.

Earlobe surgery, in most cases, is a straightforward and quick procedure. For simple earlobe correction, as with most patients, your treatment may only take 15 to 45 minutes to complete. Extensive earlobe correction may be necessary when your cartilage is affected and can require up to an hour or more.

The recovery time needed for earlobe surgery is minimal compared to other surgical procedures. Patients can usually return to work and most of their daily activities immediately after the procedure. Dr. Stutman recommends avoiding heavy lifting or other vigorous exercise that can strain the healing process for at least two weeks.

We understand that our younger patients may desire cosmetic earlobe surgery and can be extra sensitive about their appearance. For this reason, Dr. Stutman accepts patients of any age.

Benefits of Earlobe Surgery

Earlobe surgery can offer a variety of physical and psychological benefits for our patients, including:

  • Freedom to wear jewelry again
  • Enhancing their overall facial appearance
  • Restoration of symmetry and contour to their earlobes
  • Feeling more comfortable and satisfied with their physical appearance

You and Dr. Stutman can work together to build a surgical plan that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Contact Us About Earlobe Surgery in Scottsdale

Earlobe surgery is a procedure that provides a wealth of emotional and psychological benefits, along with physical benefits. Many of our patients feel uncomfortable with their misshapen or damaged ears and do not fully participate in social situations as a result. Earlobe surgery can truly help you find relief and comfort in your appearance and help you feel your best.

When you would like to learn more about earlobe surgery in Scottsdale at Stutman Plastic Surgery, book your appointment today.