When you want to make meaningful changes to your appearance and feel more comfortable in your skin, consider refreshing your look with plastic surgery in Paradise Valley. Our clinic offers advanced, cutting-edge surgical procedures to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Our plastic surgery offerings include operations for rejuvenating and toning your face, breasts, and body. We also offer non-surgical options for patients who do not wish to pursue an invasive treatment. During your initial consultation for plastic surgery, Dr. Stutman can answer questions about our procedures and help you determine whether you are a good candidate for your desired treatment.

Your Plastic Surgery Options

Plastic surgery refers to a wide range of procedures, and understanding the nuances of our offerings can help you make an informed treatment decision.

Facial Plastic Surgery

When you want to tone your facial appearance and fight stubborn signs of aging, we can help. Our surgical treatments can help take years off your complexion, boosting your self-esteem and confidence. We offer facelifts, brow lifts, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, ear pinning, chin augmentation, facial fat grafting, and other plastic surgery treatments to help Paradise Valley patients achieve their desired look.

Breast Surgery

As you age, you might notice your breasts begin to sag, droop, or look different. When you are unhappy with these changes, you can depend on Dr. Stutman and his experienced team for a breast augmentation, lift, reduction, reconstruction, and more. These procedures can increase the size of your bust, fight sagging, correct the results of a previous breast surgery, or make other meaningful enhancements.

Body Contouring

No matter how much you exercise or how carefully you watch your diet, you might struggle to get rid of stubborn pockets of body fat. Fortunately, when you are frustrated with your appearance and want to tone your physique, our comprehensive body sculpting offerings can tighten your problem areas and restore your confidence. Depending on your goals, Dr. Stutman can perform liposuction, abdominoplasty, a Brazilian Butt Lift, an arm lift, and more.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Finally, we proudly offer non-surgical treatments to help you fight signs of aging without surgical incisions. Options like Botox and dermal fillers can help you correct wrinkles or signs of aging, while laser treatments and chemical peels can restore life to damaged skin. Our team can help you understand your non-surgical options during your initial consultation.

What to Know About The Plastic Surgery Process

Stutman Plastic Surgery has extensive experience performing cosmetic operations for Paradise Valley patients. We recommend that you follow a few preoperative guidelines and educate yourself on plastic surgery to ensure the best results. We also strongly recommend you schedule an entire day off for your surgery and arrange a ride home from our clinic.

Since most plastic surgery procedures involve general anesthesia, you should understand that your surgery will likely take at least a few hours. This timeframe can become shorter or longer, depending on your chosen surgery.

Your recovery time and results will also depend on your specific procedure. Most of our operations will require at least one week of rest, during which you should avoid any type of exercise or vigorous movement. While you are recovering, our expert medical team will monitor your progress and your results through regular follow-up appointments. If you follow all our guidelines and take care of your post-surgery body with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will set yourself up for success.

Can I Receive Multiple Treatments at the Same Time?

When considering multiple plastic surgery procedures, you should understand that you can often combine them into one operation. Combining your treatments can save you time and money while helping you minimize scarring and healing time. During your consultation with our expert medical team, we can help you explore all your options.

Talk With Dr. Stutman About Plastic Surgery in Paradise Valley

When you are considering the benefits of plastic surgery in Paradise valley, our expert medical team will be there for you every step of the way, from your first consultation to your follow-up appointments. We will do our best to set you up for success while keeping your safety and wellness at the forefront.

Our extensive plastic surgery options can address cosmetic concerns, help you achieve your goals, and empower you to be the best version of yourself. Reach out today to learn more.