At Stutman Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Stutman, we offer chemical peels featuring products from many of the top dermatology brands in the world for a powerfully effective experience wrapped in a luxurious package.

Our chemical peels in Scottsdale treat some of the most common signs of aged and tired skin. With clinically formulated ingredients, these non-surgical treatments can even out skin tone and texture and fade away fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and even acne scarring.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels involve applying a carefully formulated chemical solution to your face. This solution is made of high-quality, clinical-grade ingredients that are much stronger and more effective than drugstore or beauty counter products.

When the chemical peel is applied to your skin, it clears away dirty, dead skin by exfoliating off the topmost, superficial layers. This reveals your fresh, new skin underneath. A professional chemical peel in Scottsdale can treat a variety of skin concerns all at once, including:

  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Environmental, sun, and UV damage
  • Brown spots, sun spots, and age spots
  • Signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration
  • Superficial scarring, including acne scarring

The chemical peel is designed to help you achieve radiant, smooth, and luminous skin from the moment you leave our office.

The Chemical Peel Procedure

Our team may provide personalized guidance on how to prepare your skin for your Scottsdale chemical peel procedure, including discontinuing the use of certain skincare products and avoiding sun exposure.

During your appointment, your skin will be cleansed thoroughly, and the chemical solution will be applied evenly to the treatment area. The peel solution is usually left on the skin for a specific amount of time, which is determined by the strength of the peel and the nature of your treatment. Some peels are left on for just a few minutes, while others may be left on longer. Then, your peel will be rinsed off, and your skin will be cleansed again. You will be free to leave right after your treatment, and you can return to your daily living activities immediately.

Preparing for Your Special Occasion

Many of our patients obtain a chemical peel in Scottsdale to get their skin ready for a special event such as a birthday, wedding, or other important milestone. We always recommend booking your treatment at least two weeks in advance so your skin will look perfect on the big day.

To keep your skin flawless for your big day, avoid sun exposure as much as possible following your treatment. Dr. Stutman will give you personalized advice on how to take care of your skin following your treatment. This may include using gentle skin care products, avoiding harsh ingredients such as retinol, and moisturizing regularly to help your skin heal and recover.

Reveal Flawless Skin With a Chemical Peel in Scottsdale

When you are looking for a treatment that does it all, this is it. Our chemical peels treat a variety of facial skin concerns all at once, including the signs of aging, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin. These treatments are customized to your unique needs, and our team can help you achieve your best skin with this luxury treatment.

Book your consultation today for more information about obtaining your chemical peel treatment in Scottsdale.