Imagine that you could take your stubborn, excess, and unwanted fat from places like your stomach, arms, and thighs and put it in your buttock area to achieve an hourglass, curvaceously round figure. A butt lift in Scottsdale could help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Many of our patients have approached us hoping to fix their naturally flat or sagging buttocks. Even the healthiest diet and exercise regimen may not be enough, but board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Stutman can help. A butt lift could help you go from flat to fabulous, making your curves smoother, firmer, more lifted, and perkier. Schedule your consultation today to discover how this procedure can be right for you.

What is a Butt Lift?

The butt lift uses advanced liposuction and fat transfer techniques to permanently enhance and amplify your butt, giving you a curvy silhouette. Liposuction targets and removes stubborn fat from areas you feel are problematic. Many of our patients choose to remove fat from their thighs, hips, stomach, lower back, and underarms. Dr. Stutman transfers the unwanted fat into your butt to amplify your figure.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Butt Lift?

There are strict criteria for patients to have a butt lift in Scottsdale safely. You will have to be personally assessed by Dr. Stutman to determine your eligibility, but you should be in good overall health, close to or at your ideal body weight, and a nonsmoker.

During your consultation with Dr. Stutman, you will be required to share:

  • Your medical and surgical history
  • Family health history
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Medication use
  • Supplement use
  • Recreational drug use

Before approving you for surgery, Dr. Stutman may want you to make lifestyle changes to ensure that you are an ideal candidate, such as quitting smoking.

Rest and Recovery from Your Butt Lift

Most patients can return to a non-physical job within two weeks of the procedure. However, for approximately the first two weeks, you will have to refrain from sitting. You will be provided with a special pillow to sit on that will help relieve pressure on your bottom.

Around the sixth week following your procedure, the transferred fat should be fully grafted and stabilized. At this point in your recovery, or as directed by Dr. Stutman, you can resume a normal activity level.

You can expect that your final results will be visible about six months after the procedure, and they will be permanent.

During your recovery period, it is essential to walk and move as much as possible, drink plenty of fluids, and wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and speed healing.

These are general recovery guidelines. During your consultation, you will receive more comprehensive and personalized directions from Dr. Stutman to aid your recovery.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Fat for a Butt Lift?

The beauty of the butt lift in Scottsdale is that it requires transferring fat from areas you feel are problematic to your butt. However, some of our patients do not have sufficient excess fat. If this is your situation, we may recommend that you obtain a buttocks augmentation with silicone implants.

In the butt implant procedure, your implants will be surgically placed in the middle of the gluteus maximus muscle. This ensures that the edges of the implants are less visible and, therefore, difficult to see or feel. It also helps the implants to move with the buttocks as one unit, making it difficult for others to tell that you have implants.

Schedule Your Consultation for Your Butt Lift in Scottsdale

A butt lift in Scottsdale butt lift can ramp up your appearance and confidence. At Stutman Plastic Surgery, you can experience your new curvaceous figure and a brand-new you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.