The most popular surgical enhancement in the United States is breast augmentation. Millions of American women enhance the size of their breasts with silicone or saline implants annually. However, a breast lift is another popular breast enhancement procedure that gives the chest a more lifted and contoured appearance. This surgery uses already existing breast skin and tissue to restore the look of youthful breasts without implants.

At Stutman Plastic surgery, a breast augmentation and breast lift can be combined into one convenient procedure to deliver the benefits of both treatments at once. A breast augmentation with lift in Scottsdale can help you feel more confident in your breasts and physical appearance, so discussing this procedure with Dr. Stutman should be a priority.

The Benefits of Combining a Breast Augmentation and Lift

Despite the fact that our clinic offers both breast augmentations and breast lifts as separate procedures, we often recommend that our clients combine them.

When you combine a breast lift and a breast augmentation, you can simultaneously add volume, increase fullness, address sagginess or droopiness, and improve the natural contours of your breasts. You can use these two procedures to reverse changes caused by pregnancy, childbirth, or age.

Combining the two surgeries is also much safer than opting for two separate procedures, as it minimizes risk and ensures that everything is performed in a detail-oriented setting. During your Scottsdale consultation, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stutman can further explain the benefits of a breast augmentation with a lift and help you make an informed decision about the procedure.

Recovery and Results After a Breast Augmentation with a Lift

When a breast lift and breast augmentation are combined into one procedure, Dr. Stutman and his Scottsdale team will have greater control over your final results, ensuring your satisfaction.

A combination of a breast augmentation and breast lift will result in a shorter overall recovery time compared to undergoing these procedures separately, because your body will be healing from both operations at the same time. Additionally, when you combine a breast lift and a breast augmentation, you may need fewer incisions. This leads to less stitches, scarring, and other harm to your skin.

Finally, by combining a breast lift and augmentation procedure into one operation, you will save valuable time, resources, and energy. This helps you accommodate your budget, busy schedule, and work obligations.

Contact Our Team About a Breast Augmentation with Lift in Scottsdale

If you are considering obtaining a breast augmentation and a breast lift, you should remember that you can combine them into one procedure. A breast augmentation with lift in Scottsdale will mitigate risk, reduce your recovery time, and provide greater control over your results. With this versatile duo of treatments, you can alter the size, shape, symmetry, and fullness of your breasts to your liking.

To learn more about a breast augmentation with a lift, be sure to contact Stutman Plastic Surgery today. Dr. Stutman can assess your circumstances, answer questions about enhancing your breasts, and help you make a knowledgeable decision regarding your procedure. Call today to get started on your plastic surgery journey.