Fat grafting in Scottsdale is a two-in-one procedure that allows you to remove fat from where you do not want it and transfer it to the desired area where you want it. Suitable for men and women, fat grafting is an ideal procedure to add volume to the face, including the cheeks, chin, and lips. Women sometimes choose to add fat to their breasts and buttocks as well.

It is a relatively natural process, especially compared to other body contouring surgeries or synthetic fillers. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Stutman can work with you to create a personalized plan to help you look and feel your best.

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting, known as fat transfer, autologous fat transplantation, or microlipoinjection, can help restore or add volume to your features using your own body fat.

Fat grafting has two major benefits.

First, it is a two-in-one cosmetic procedure that removes fat from where you do not want it and adds fat to regions where you would like more volume. Stubborn, unwanted fat can be precisely removed from areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips, or arms. This fat can then be transferred to an area where you want more volume, such as your breasts, buttocks, or face. Fat grafting is a popular procedure because it adds the desired volume to where you want it while removing volume from where you do not want it.

The second benefit is that this procedure is safer and more natural than other volumizing cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers or implantation. Your body is far less likely to react negatively to your fat cells than to external substances. Therefore, it is very rare for patients to experience an allergic reaction or complication from this procedure.

For these two important reasons, fat grafting in Scottsdale is a popular alternative to other surgical treatments and synthetic non-surgical treatments such as dermal injections and surgical implantation.

What Areas Can Fat Grafting Treat?

When fat grafting is used for the face, it is called facial fat grafting. Facial fat grafting is commonly used to add volume to your cheeks, chin, and lips. It is also used to correct facial deformities and to enhance your facial balance and symmetry.

Fat grafting has uses throughout the body and can be used to add volume to areas where you would like it. Many of our patients seek fat grafting to add volume and fullness to their breasts (natural breast augmentation) and buttocks (“Brazilian Butt Lift”).

Treatment Procedure

Fat grafting is performed in-house by Dr. Stutman under local anesthesia, which is provided for your comfort.

Two sites will be treated during your fat grafting procedure: the donor site and the treatment site. The donor site is where your fat is taken from your body. Though Dr. Stutman will give you recommendations, ultimately, it will be your choice as to where you want to remove the fat, and we will accommodate your needs as long as they are achievable and safe. Good donor site areas include the stomach, hips, or thighs because these are areas where fat is tightly packed. The treatment site is where the fat is injected, usually the face, breasts, or buttocks (also known as “Brazilian Butt Lift”).

The first step is cleaning the donor and treatment sites to ensure safety and hygiene for the cosmetic procedure. Next, fat is precisely removed from the donor site of your choice using a fine cannula. Once your fat is removed from the donor site, our medical team will purify your fat using our laboratory-grade equipment. Purifying your fat removes debris and other matter and prepares your fat for injection. Last, Dr. Stutman reinjects it into the treatment site.

Results and Recovery

The recovery time for fat grafting in Scottsdale is typically one to two weeks. During this time, you are expected not to touch the treatment area while it heals and avoid vigorous activity and sun exposure.

To facilitate a smooth recovery, Dr. Stutman will provide you with personalized aftercare instructions.

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Fat grafting helps our patients restore or add volume where they need it and eliminate excess fat they want to shed.

Fat grafting can help you look more attractive and youthful without surgery, large incisions, or obvious scars. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your fat grafting procedure in Scottsdale today.