When you want to flatten your stomach and strengthen your core, but diet and exercise are not getting you the ideal results, you may consider a tummy tuck in Mesa. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a type of body sculpting surgery designed to improve your physique by removing extra skin and fat. This procedure can be beneficial if you have recently undergone significant weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. In addition to transforming into a more youthful and healthy-looking you, an abdominoplasty can also help you feel much better physically and emotionally from that confidence boost.

It is our goal to make sure you feel completely comfortable during your transformation and our surgeon will support you throughout your journey.  While this is a complicated procedure, it is safe when you have an experienced plastic surgeon.

What Are the Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Procedure?

One of the reasons we are excited to offer tummy tuck procedures in our Mesa clinic is because it offers so many benefits.

One of the primary reasons you may decide to have a tummy tuck is to achieve a smoother and more toned abdominal appearance and a more defined waistline. This procedure removes excess skin and fat, while tightening loose or sagging skin. Sometimes, after a pregnancy or losing a significant amount of weight, your abdominal muscles may become separated or stretched, and a tummy tuck allows your surgeon to tighten and repair these muscles. Another perk, though not the main goal, is that it can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your lower abdomen. Additionally, tightening your abdominal muscles during a tummy tuck can boost your core strength and stability, potentially leading to better posture. Once you have a more toned physique, your clothes will also fit you better because the bulges will have been eliminated.

You may discover that your self-confidence improves. When you look better, you feel better.  This type of surgery has been known to help people develop more confidence in their appearance and their mood is often elevated. Sometimes, when you have unwanted skin, you can experience discomfort, irritation, or hygiene issues, and a tummy tuck can help correct these problems.

What Should I Expect From This Surgery?

Our Mesa team knows that you can be much more relaxed about your tummy tuck when you feel prepared. Our plastic surgeon is here to answer any and all questions you may have. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will thoroughly assess you and discuss your goals and needs.

There are two types of tummy tucks. If you have a full tummy tuck, your incision will go from one hip to the other and your belly button is repositioned.  A mini tummy tuck is lower on your abdomen and your belly button may be left alone. Whether you have a full or mini, your procedure will be performed under general anesthesia. Your plastic surgeon makes incisions, removes excess skin and fat, tightens the abdominal muscles if necessary, and repositions your belly button. The surgeon then closes the incisions with sutures. Recovery time varies, but you may require a few weeks to return to normal activities. The results are usually long-lasting, especially when you eat right and exercise.

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When you want to slim down around your middle and have more energy, consider a tummy tuck in Mesa. Our plastic surgeon will help you look and feel younger and more energetic, and you can have the figure you have always dreamed of. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our skilled plastic surgeon, call our office.